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Are my shoulders strong enough? #life #strength #goalsachieved #visionaries

When everything is dependent on you, there are moments when you wonder “can I really do this?” And more importantly “will I be successful?”.

It’s alot of pressure we can put on ourselves, but keeping this in perspective and remembering to take one step at a time can make it attainable.

Try putting your attention on your main goal and this is where you begin. I don’t journal but I do write stuff down just for memory sake and to be able to go back and review.

So write it down.

To get clear on what you want, you need to have focus, be detailed and give it an intention and a end result.

Give it a starting point, you are going to start doing something immediately. It’s important because your motivation is greatest at the beginning of any new endeavor.

Is truly something that you can do? Is is really realistic? Ex. I want to win the lotto but is that realistic? You get what I’m saying.

There’s so much more but the thing is you need to start, don’t procrastinate. It leaves time for those negatives thoughts and self doubts to keep you stuck. And never starting at all.

Success begins with thoughts, actions demand results. Goals require persistence. Patience is required to achieve your goal, be strong, believe in you, never give up.

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