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I Can’t Make You Chase Your Dream.

I Won’t Track You Down Or Tie You Down. This Is My “I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WANTED THIS” Face.


It is always amazing to me how people will say one thing, with total sincerity (at least at the time). Their conviction and dedication to the process appears to be real.

I’m excited for them and looking ahead to getting the results they want to get. When we start looking at the design(layout), if you will then the materials and how much it’ll cost in time, effort, dedication, persistence and effort. They are still excited and fired-up, the game plan is in place and strategies set to fine detail.

Taking into account our human tendency to lose focus and clarity we talk at length about this very subject and workout some things that can be done to keep them both strong. The last thing you want is confusion, you’re already going to be working hard.

Working toward the open communication that we will have, I’m dedicating my support, time, knowledge. There will be phone calls, emails etc. whatever you need. I’m committed and you’ve said you are too.

AND THEN, WHAM!  It happens like a bad breakup. What just happened? No phone call, no email. No warning, IT’S OVER.

For me, it’s not about anger. Disappointed yes, but I’ll get over it. I just want you to tell me what’s up?, why? whatever it is; you changed your mind, your not ready or you don’t think you can do it. But seriously, asking for help and then doing a “Houdini” is not the answer. Say it, acknowledge it, release it. It’s done. Own your sh…t.

Now for those like me, whose passion in part is to help people this is not meant to discourage you. Don’t be hard on yourself for believing in someone once again, only to be disappointed. It has taught you a lesson; To expect the unexpected. Keep helping those who ask, just remember if they don’t want it bad enough and their drive is not hard enough, YOU CAN’T. That’s okay, it’s not your path or your responsibility.







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