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You are on your way but have you checked your foundation? Making it solid, keeping it strong. Here’s some tips you might consider.

First, forgive your past whatever it is, no matter how awful you think it is. What did or didn’t do is done. Speak it to yourself “I forgive you, I love you.”

Second, your thoughts are powerful, the things you tell yourself, the name calling, put downs. All the negative punishments you have been giving yourself. Stop and speak to you, in the present tense. “I’ve put you down, punished and insulted you enough. I accept and embrace you. You are worthy and deserving of my respect and love.”

And third, take the initiative to live your new reality, life is purposeful, you now have the flow of abundance and happiness and you are bathing in it with gratitude and thankfulness. Everyday you feel the positive energy of the new existence and realize that you are longer “wanting”, you have the means to do what needs to be done.


New episode: “CRACKS IN YOUR FOUNDATION?”, building your foundation for your journey to success
Latest episode/podcast, The Activated Warrior Life, “Warrior is Awakened” #lifecoaching #motivation #coach #goals #podcast #business tips, on Anchor:

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