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When life gives me lemons.. Give me peaches instead!

Yes, give me peaches instead, I’ll make a tasty peach cobbler. Tired of lemonade and it’s tangy sweet bite. I’ve been able to handle many a situation and work it out and it’s stressful, time consuming and can be overwhelming. But I learned to break it down after the initial shock, into manageable pieces and that’s what’s needed. WHAT can I take care of right Now? WHAT can I work on? WHAT can wait until later?

Take the pressure off, you don’t need to solve it all at once. Take a breathe and sure small steps to work out a solution. It is possible that it will take time for it be resolved. And that’s okay, as long as you now know you’re moving forward with a new plan, a new recipe. The steps we take can lead to something great.

Be blessed and encouraged.

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