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I’ve got to make a decision, But why am I hesitant?

You know your capable, and you’ve always been a “doer”.

But, all of a sudden you find yourself dragging your feet, doubting whether you really need to really change.

If it wasn’t a true concern in your life, you would not having these thoughts.

Let’s face it, your gut, you spirit is saying it’s time, let make a change and really find “our happy”.

You want to experience that excitement, that joy in doing what you want in your life.

The work you love, the time with family, less stress, have time to travel (whatever it is).

But the number question: what exactly is it?

How to do I achieve it?

Taking steps of self discovery, after all it’s about you.

Be realistic and set some time frame to follow.

Write it down, your goal, the steps you’re going to follow, what time frame needed to complete each task toward the goal

Nothing is set in stone, but it’s best to start out with a structured plan.

Clarity and focus are key, stay motivated by doing something in regards to your goal on a daily basis.

You got this! Now, get started today.

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