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Public Transportation, Driver’s are scared…

Driver’s are scared, doing the job sometimes requires close contact secure wheelchairs,
for a real example… picture this… strong odor, can be ignored, visibly dirty clothes also;  no working brakes on the wheelchair, wearing visibly dirty, torn mask  & they want full securement,
which mean leaning close, face &body, reach across &along side to secure hooks onto wheelchair.
During this severe health pandemic there needs to be an ease of securing outside front and back of wheelchair,
that’s it, advise passenger, of that they can accept or they can choose not to travel on bus.
Possible solution? Not gonna happen.
Furthermore, I am speaking directly about those seen hanging around different bus stops socializing w/others, no social distancing, no face covering; riding back and forth on the bus daily, routinely is not what I consider necessary travel, especially under the above circumstances.
It’s the job, they’ll do it, it must be done, federal law requirement, regardless of any circumstance.
If they don’t punishment, termination from their employer for (violation) will happen.  For right now “toughen up buttercup and handle it.”
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