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Providing educational, training opportunities in technology for young black youths & future leaders of tomorrow.

I salute Hip-Hope, a wonderful programs for young black youths, an educational training program in technology and more.

And all organization and partnerships with major companies who join together in this noble endeavor, for our black youth’s.

My Granddaughter participated in a forum about diversity and black experiences of student’s  in their community.

From this, she was selected to participate in the program in which she will be trained by Microsoft exec. and recieve certification in Microsoft. Progressive training with higher grade level offered,too.

We are truly proud of her and her achievements in school. Fluent in Mandarin, loves computer science, history, has a “want to know about it” type of curiosity.  That’s big for an eighth grader. The first student in the Ames, Iowa school district.

#positivity #motivation #opportunity #hiphope #education #blackyouth #training #diversity #communityproject #futureleaders #organizations #humanitary #youthdevelopment #youthempowerment

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