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.facebook_1468435710371 You Don’t Have To Share My Dream; Just See My Vision.”

When I was about 7 years old I had my first real experience of feeling that my helping really made a difference. It was a warm summer day and I went into my backyard and decided to climb our big lemon tree. While sitting on a large limb I notice a large piece of bark that is slightly lifted. I carefully lift it up to reveal a large colony of ants.

They did’nt even seem to be startled , just simply moving around the exposed bark that they call home and just at that moment the sun came out so bright all of a sudden I could feel the heat. I looked up and said “God is that you?” thanks for showing me this, I will take care of them.

I quickly climbed down the tree, went in the kitchen grabbed a cup of sugar and back up tree I went and gave some to the ants, they seemed excited and I was happy. I carefully replaced the bark and left. I followed this same routine for about 2 weeks until one day I lifted the bark and they were all gone. I was sad for second and then I thought they were full now and ready to move on. It was a good thing.

Throughout my life I have always been the one that people shared their thoughts, came to for advice or someone to just help them sort things out or when they needed a sympathetic ear. But one thing they always said was that I told it as I see it and ask them to try to find out what they could do about their issue. My solution is for them to work it out. I’m going to be with you supporting you. I was a coach back then and didn’t even know it, I just loved helping people.

I always had an interest in alternative thinking. I studied meditation/transcendental meditation. Reading many books and attending workshops. Holistic medicine and Energy healing is where my passion has led me, I have studied Shen Gong (non-touch energy healing)

And final studying Reiki which is a healing technique based on the life force energy flow being channeled through the practitioner to the patient by means of touch to activate the natural healing process both physical/emotional. Practicing what I love and believe in and continue to learn more is my personal mission. I am in training for my Reiki III, Reiki Master/Teacher level at present (2018).

Also I earned my “Life Coach Certification” from LCTI, which I’m very excited and proud of. To put a title to something I’ve been doing all of my adult life and just didn’t know it. My life purpose of service. I love helping people, and get joy from watching them achieve.

“Practice what you preach”, My life and the way in which I had to change many things in my life because I wasn’t happy, I felt stuck and going nowhere. I had to work at finding steps that I could reasonably take at that moment to make a changes.

It wasn’t until I actually stopped and asked myself what I really wanted and needed did my work begin. Then thought about my fears, doubts all those annoying stumbling blocks the kept me doing nothing. I started looking forward in the moment and began the work toward achieving my goals and on this journey I have discovered my life purpose. A fine relationship between Transformational Life Change and Reiki Energy Work, when combined together create a winning strategy to achieve.



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