The Activated Warrior


What you need is an explosive discovery of your needs and wants and some creative, proactively motivated actions. This will equal goal achievement; life change success. Through our sessions we will:

– Discover the issues that are keeping you feeling stuck or stagnant

– Feelings of dread when going to work? do you need to change jobs or can changes be made to adjust the existing environment?

– Procrastinating when you know you need to get things happening? let’s find out why.

– Struggling with financial worries and stress? let’s use some proactive steps that you can take to explore all opportunities to change it.

– Searching to find “your happy”, life purpose or you just don’t know how to put it into words?

Discover, make an action plan and steps to follow and then take action; let’s go!





WHAT MAKES THIS COACHING RELATIONSHIP DIFFERENT IS THAT I AM INTEGRATING “REIKI ENERGY” WORK IN OUR SESSIONS TAILORED TO THE INDIVIDUAL NEEDS OF EACH CLIENT. As a Reiki Practioner I beleive in the power of the Univeral lifeforce energy flow, it is important to heal, nurture and strengthen the energy within us. (for more informatiom about Reiki Energy healing, found on the resources and learning page)

As your coach , I am your amplifier. I will magnify your goals, dreams and aspirations and increase your drive and desire to achieve them by “amping up” your commitment and proactive movement toward achieving them.

You are the captain, the warrior and the conqueror of your destiny. Begin your journey, as I support you with some valuable tools and strategies that will assist you in the greatest investment of your life; YOU.


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