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Generational baggage, family history patterns repeated.

If you’re working on issue’s in your life, wonderful it’s your journey. I support your discovery & healing.

I will not be dragged into, inserted or blamed in your discovery. (verbally degraded, or admonished).  Your story, your opinions are valid, your healing are your own. You travel it alone. It’s intent should not be to blame, degrade or admonish another persons life, burden them with generational guilt or shame. That is not healing.

Now, this is definately generational!
Handle that sh$t with grace and grit &carry on.
Never letting life make you bitter.

I can see if I look back, examples of things that have continued.  Just one example; Struggling, Strong, hardworking women, even when they had a mate….carried the weight of the household.

Sometimes, it is just the way it was. A little bit of everything, neither all good or all bad or devastating….”the want”.

But when you see the pattern and it bothers you and it is a negative in your life….

….you address it and make it your intention not to repeat this pattern. Break your precieved generational wound, habit, behavior. Or, I’ve even heared it refered to as ” family curse”, that each generation pays for.

I now call it generational baggage, patterns, habits, beliefs, thoughts process, mindset. Including relationships & finances.

Repeated patterns that happen within a family from older to younger generation either in lifestyles, life choices, relationships, finances or all of the above.

Being the change, breaking the cycle..maybe you will be the one to do it. Not to be repeated because you have gained the knowledge of how to avoid it.

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Life coaching, life purpose, certified, empowerment, #motivation

Frustrated? Wondering what’s going on in some people’s mind.

I sometimes wonder, “what the hell is going on”.

I mean honestly are people blind to what they actually see with their own eyes?

While listening with their own ears refuse to be believe, whats being said?

It’s hard to deny reality, but so easily done it appears during this current time. Do people hate being wrong or have to be stubborn so strongly, that they will stay in a state of denial?

I pray that will not be the senario. Everyday it’s a concern for every American. (Not a political entity issue….it shouldn’t be about this party or that party.)