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Clearing my mind, “When I’m just over all the crap”. It’s okay.

Who’s lying?
We the people, all the people will pay the price, if   the presidency remains the same.

Today, I feel like I just want to say “I’m so over this crap” So, I’m releasing it with my personal observation…opinion. My mind is full its time recharge and get ready with fresh energy for the continued reality.

I see where his heads at, words are powerful. (It’s frightening at times, to think of what he will do next).

The Corona Virus “will go away, it’s like the flu.”

Corona Virus, ” we’ve got it under control.” Cannot bring himself or humble himself to look at all the deaths and admit he was wrong.

Mail in voting will cause fraud abs us not accurate or safe. Nothing but stirring up fears for the people. Eventhough, they themselves use mail-in/absentee voting for years.

Encourages people to vote twice, WHICH IS ILLEGAL, against the law, a federal crime and unconstitutional. How can a president say this, and not be shamed all over the world.

Glorifies his closing travel from China,(and that’s all he did in the beginning) then states China is doing a good job.

Late to enact presidential mandate & require companies to start making P.PE and other equipment. The much needed equipment needed in the very beginning. Delayed. Life’s lost.

Refusal to take a stand on public health, pandemic emergency……like wearing a mask…social distancing.

Ignoring advice of scientific/medical experts that he placed in his administration.

The violence & unrest is happening now during this presidency, simple fact.

Instead, states “this is what we have to look  forward to & more of it, if the other candidate  is elected. “


If you can’t find an intelligent solution, then say nothing, people can understand that you don’t have an answer yet.
But not, “passing the buck”.

Condons murder as excuseable violence. Yet, is vocal about protests and protesters and any type of actions, that may or may not end with violence. Criminals, who he will send in troops to “handle it”

Is in denial that there is systemic discrimination, “everyone is being killed”.
There’s no discrimination with the police or otherwise.

Dishonoring our military troops, with negative remarks disrepectful regard is a real slap in the face for all those who served….those who died. All the families left behind.

These are things to be seen and heard, his words, his speech, his actions, his tweets, his threats. Out of his own mouth, or tweeted.

King of denial, until it suits his political agenda or offers him a photo opportunity. “My way or the highway ” type of attitude, Self-empowered to do whatever he wants because of the position he holds and abuses.

Who appears to have an intent, to enact change and create a real empowerment of our country for the good of all Americans?
Where do I see a glimmer of possiblities and a gut feeling of hope. That’s it.

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Life coaching, life purpose, certified, empowerment, #motivation

I’m over this political folley, this isn’t a game

I’m so tried of this political crap…. but I will stay vigilant and informed. Is this another distraction embraced by Trump’s campaign to quote, “Split the Black Vote”?

We have a tough decision to make.
If you had to vote today, based on this one main question:

I really think Trump believes that Black voters who are not voting for him, are incapable of making an intelligent decision.

K. West has a diagnosed Bi polar disorder and it is of great concern about mental health and wellness be taken into account when considering him seriuosly as a candidate for president, among other issues. To exploit him in anyway would be despicable.

A). Kanye West, a wellknown celebrity, who has a serious Bi polar disorder & has a history of not managing his medication, at times not wanting to take it (as stated by his wife).

B). Well,  Joe Biden lets face it he’s not perfect. But dam it, at least he has laid his basic plan we can look at, he can be held to task.

C). Some will simply not vote. Not worth it..won’t make a difference, type of mindset.

D). Another candidate on the ballot. Hey, as long as you feel their capable.

Trump, he is shrewd businessman, if he can get people to waste their vote for an unrealistic candidate.

And not vote for the candidate that is his real competitions….that is less numbers to count against him (Trump).
It’s about the black vote numbers & other minority vote numbers the voting power is great just by shear numbers.

It’s not about choosing the lesser of two evil, as some people have said. Trump or Biden.

PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR #VOTE. Vote your conscious, we shall not fight amongst ourselves.

Choose based what’s seen with your eyes, heard from their lips, written/tweeted by their hand. What actions they have done and not done. etc.” WHO IS WILLING TO WORK FOR ALL THE PEOPLE, WITHOUT QUESTION OR DOUBT” and much more.

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